Irregular cycles at 45

45 -
I too have a friend at 45, natural pregnancy and certainly NOT DE [donor egg] - so I too wish people would stop being so negative. I have evidence …

45y friend did IVF and is pregnant

43 -
A 45 year old friend of mine just did IVF [in vitro fertilization] and is pregnant. She has done 2 IVF's, one at 42 and this one. She now has a …

Great Grandma - last one was at 51

43 -
By the way, my great grandmother birthed 9 children, and the last one was at age 51. I think she had two in her forties. I just found this out at my …

Pregnant again at 44

44 -
I have a friend who also had scant periods and was paranoid that she was being menopausal. Since then she has had a baby, and is currently pregnant a…

My aunt had another one at 44

44 -
I hate that my aunt didn't want kids, and suddenly at 40 decided she did, and 6 months later got pregnant, and then had another one at 44. I don&…
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